Technology For Reading And Writing

Introducing the all new Read Tec magnifier!

Designed with you in mind.

The all new Read Tec was designed to provide anyone who has a low vision condition, especially those people who have sustained vision loss from macular degeneration, with the ability to continue to read and write as comfortably and productively as possible. We know what you need because we have been in business since 1989 serving people just like you who want to continue to read and write despite their low vision condition. Our only mission is to build, distribute, dispense and support the world's finest adaptive technology for reading and writing.


I am sorry but the 17" Read Tec is no longer available.

Our flat panel Read Tec magnifier (17 inch pictured above) has been in development for years. We have seriously listened to our customers' input and now built their dream machine, an adaptive technology for reading and writing that is truly state of the art. Our development team of engineers and design professionals were selected for their expertise in adaptive technology for reading and writing. Over 90% of those with low vision, even if they are legally blind, can continue to be as productive as possible while reading and writing again with a Read Tec magnifier.

The Read Tec is designed to be environmentally friendly. The flat panel production process produces less carbon than there is to produce old tube type of monitor. We do not use any lead to make the Read Tec. The LED lights do not need to be replaced and do not contain Mercury like compact fluorescent bulbs do. The Read Tec was designed to have the lowest power consumption possible. All in all your new Read Tec is friendly to both your environment and your wallet.


The Read Tec is manufactured in the USA by MagniSight. Their highly skilled staff manufactures each magnifier by hand taking care to make sure that each unit meets or exceeds their high quality control standards. The owner of MagniSight and several of his top management team are themselves visually impaired and they use this adaptive technology on the job and at home.

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